Use visual storytelling to make your message stand out

Use visual storytelling to make your message stand out

The competition for your attention has never been so fierce.

From the time your alarm goes off and you check the news to the moment you check tomorrow’s weather and click the television remote before going to sleep, you are deluged with messaging. And by messaging, we mean all kinds of information—advertising, news and anything else designed to capture your attention.

The fact is we are receiving more information than any other time in recorded history, primarily due to the onset of the internet and the sheer volume of information that can be generated and distributed through digital and mobile communications.

The end result: we begin to ignore or tune out messaging and information.

And that neatly presents the challenge we face as professional communicators: how to make your message stand out and distinguish who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.

Pictures are, indeed, worth a thousand words.

Let’s take a quick glance at some pictures to make our point. This is an instantly recognizable visual cue. It needs no words to clearly explain its meaning.

Here’s another example: it illustrates our point about the exponential growth of messaging that bombards us daily:

The meaning is pretty clear. The number of advertising messages to which we are exposed every day has doubled in the past 13 years.

This example is a little more complex:

This example uses words, in combination with a powerful graphic, to convey the notion that “thoughts” can result in a “change.”

The overwhelming importance of using graphics to project your message

The majority of your potential clients get to know you by your graphics. Your logo. Your letterhead. The sign on your door. The graphic on your website. Even the graphic design on the cup of coffee you may be sampling while you read this.

For those who are already doing business with you, the relationship is far greater than graphics, of course. But, for those whom you want to serve, graphics are often the first step in making an acquaintance.

The things you interact with every day were all created by a graphic designer. These elements communicate an idea or concept—that’s the purpose of graphic design. It’s the graphic designer’s job to marry creativity and strategy in order to effectively communicate with the world around them.

Our Orlando marketing agency relies on graphics to make your customers relate to you

Our digital marketing agency practioners are huge believers in blending your ideas with visual elements that make your ideas come to life.

Photos. Videos. Charts. Illustrations. Cartoons. Website graphics. Postcards. Signage. There is no graphic expression that is off the table.

If a graphic can tell your story without a thousand words, so much the better. We are firm believers in infographics to capture attention. And we utilize creatively talented resources to help make your messages come to life and convey ideas that will attract attention and make your product or service pop.

Picture this: Call on Wellons Communications to convey your message

We describe what we do as marketing public relations. We specialize in public relations aimed at selling a product, service or idea. After all, isn’t that why you are in business?

If you are seeking a new, fresh way to cut through the white noise of the informational messages that hammer away at us every single minute, then consider calling Wellons Communications, an Orlando marketing agency, for solutions.

You talk. We’ll listen. And after we’ve listened, we’ll respond with recommendations and ideas that will be tailored specifically to the wants and needs of your potential customers…and aimed at helping your business grow and succeed.

Now, how’s that for a picture?

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