Public Relations

Public Relations

At Wellons Communications, PR is not just an afterthought. We are a true PR firm—it’s what we do. Our team is made up of former journalists and PR pros. They know how newsrooms work and have the skills to cut through the clutter and make sure your message is heard.

Clients at our public relations agency have received placements on national TV shows and in national publications as well as on TV and in print in regions that matter to them and right in their hometowns. At our Orlando PR firm, we also have deep experience in a variety of industries and have landed trade publication hits that move the needle. And, we have worked with hundreds of bloggers and influencers in marketing to get authentic coverage on blogs and social media, creating buzz and word-of-mouth interest.

This is real, authentic content consumers trust and that money can’t buy. It means your business reaches customers and potential customers, right where they are in a way they trust.

We offer:

  • Press releases
  • Media lists
  • Media pitching
  • Influencer programs
  • Press kits
  • Fact sheets
  • Community outreach
  • Openings and media events
  • Award nominations