Bios: Are you telling YOUR story on your website?

Bios: Are you telling YOUR story on your website?

How often do you look at your website from your customer’s point of view?

Marketers generally blast away with all the unique selling propositions that distinguish their product or service. They often focus entirely on telling their customers why their product or service stands apart from their competitors…or why customers need their product or service.

What websites often overlook is specific information about the people who oversee and deliver what your organization is selling…the folks behind the website.

Let people see and learn about who they are dealing with and buying from

To be clear, we are not talking about, to use the arcane language of website developers, “dynamic website personalization,” or creating a customized website experience that winds up being tailored to the wants of each individual visitor who comes to your web page.

We’re talking about posting information about the people who manage your business.

At first glance, this may seem like a terrifying notion. “What! I’ve been taught to protect personal information at all costs,” may be your first reaction.

What we are talking about, specifically, is relaying enough information to build trust and confidence in you and your business.

Biographies offer a way for your customers to better know you

Glance at some different websites. Find and click on “Who We Are.” In most instances, the information includes a business bio photo and a business-oriented biography that generally centers around the individual’s professional credentials.

We suggest considering a slightly different approach.

At our Orlando PR firm, we adhere to the notion that people like to learn about or read about people like themselves. Sort of like a conversation between the reader and the storyteller.

Why is that important? We believe it offers a more personal connection with the marketer and their customer. And that personal connection builds trust and confidence.

Just how personal are we talking?

As a digital marketing agency, we strongly subscribe to the notion of bridging the trust-gap between you and your customers… connecting with them, not talking at them.

Biographies do not always have to be dead-serious and dull. They can offer a means of personally connecting you with your customers

We’re not recommending in-depth information about individuals. Just enough information to convey a sense of professionalism…and personality. And prompt engagement.

Your bio, for example, can provide the reasons that led you to became involved in your profession. You can share what inspires you or what you want your customers to say about your product or service. Or simple information like what football team you like or your favorite movie.

Back up the bio with a photo…not in a stiff conference room setting, but in a site that positions you as an individual. A real person. The kind of person that your customers will say “I’d like to have these folks as friends.”

A creative professional bio photographer will know how to create a setting (e.g., outdoors, in front of your headquarters, or with some of your employees in an informal gathering) that brings your personality—and that of your organization—to life and underscores your willingness to connect with your customer.

Wellons Communications knows about personalization

Our public relations agency is comprised of communications professionals who work together. But, first and foremost, we are individuals, each with our own individual personalities and backgrounds.

We look at our clients in the same way….as individuals who have their own unique wants, needs and expectations.

Because everyone is unique, we believe personalization…right down to the bios that appear on your website and in your marketing materials…is critical to building a strong connection with your customers.

Take a second look at your overall marketing materials and ask yourself “Does my website provide my customers with the means of getting to know me (or us) better?”

If you’re thinking some personalization might be in order, call me (Will), at 407-462-2718. And, in the true spirit of personalization, I will personally answer your call. And I’ll be happy to review your materials and let you know if you can use some personalization that will let your customers get to know you better.