Are you relevant to your audience?

Are you relevant to your audience?

Take a glance at what kind of information you have available on your website and ask yourself, “How important is this information to the folks we’re trying to reach? Is it worth their time? And how does it reflect on our organization?”

Are you operating from the notion that all you must do is place information on your website and the information will be read by your audiences?

The reality is that everyone now offers website content. They flood the internet with information in the name of SEO in marketing, often over-crowding their site with information that is self-serving and totally irrelevant to readers.

Relying on online communications as a breakthrough means of conveying information has lost its novelty.

Does your website content still connect with your audience?

So, how do you hypercharge your online communications platform?

Look at your communications from the point of view of relevance.

When you step back and look at business communications, there are three basic objectives you are seeking to achieve:

  • Build awareness of your business (i.e., your “brand”)
  • Create an atmosphere of trust between you and your potential clients and current customers
  • Motivate sales

Building awareness can be partially accomplished by creating the necessary platforms and information tools (e.g., a website or a press kit) and a distribution program by which you put those tools to work.

Where you put your information is important. You must place your information in locations where your target audiences can see what you are saying and respond to it.

Relevance is the connector

You may possess all the right information tools and have a solid distribution plan, but, if your information is not relevant, no one is going to care.

What is critical to keep in mind is that what really matters is what your audience thinks.

Bridging the trust-gap between you and your potential customers becomes not a matter of what you say about yourself. It’s about relating how and why your information matters to your readers. It’s the difference between talking at people and talking with them.

Otherwise, information and distribution simply become “white noise” that is neither noticed nor acted upon.

So how can Wellons Communications help you combine content with relevance?

Our sole mission at our Orlando PR firm is to help drive sales and results. We practice what we define as marketing public relations.

We accomplish that by building one’s credibility within their given industry and increasing their overall reputation. We help our clients create and deliver the right message to the right people at right time, which creates a stronger brand reputation. It’s marketing in PR.

There’s an old saying about public relations: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

That’s because PR generates unpaid media coverage vs. advertising coverage, which you must pay for. It’s Unpaid vs. Paid. Earned vs. Purchased. Credible vs. Skeptical. According to one PR wag, “Public relations tastes great, advertising is less filling (and considerably more costly).”

The right public relations agency support increases cognizance for a brand while upholding a consumer-resonant and positive connection with one’s audience.

In the end, what’s relevant to you is “How do I increase sales?” That is all that is relevant to us, as well. Without your success, we fail.

How’s that for relevance?

Find out more about how our public relations firm can add relevance to your content and add credibility to your other marketing components. Contact me and let me share with you how we can help you make your business more relevant to those you are seeking to reach.