Media relations storylines: Think beyond yourself and your business

Media relations storylines: Think beyond yourself and your business

This may be hard for some business owners to accept, but media relations storylines are not about your business. It’s about the story, and it’s about the angle the reporter wants to cover that would benefit the readers or viewers of that media.

There’s an old adage: “what’s in it for them?” Proper media relations oftentimes needs to fit inside that prism. You will get more media hits if you are part of a trend, part of a bigger story and have something authentic to say.

Blatantly shilling for your business turns off bloggers, reporters, readers and viewers. But having a real take—something that may or may not directly support your business—is valuable.

So how do you mine those gold nugget ideas?

When trying to get the most out of your media relations, think about storylines that have value beyond the four walls of your business. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you part of a trend?
  • Are you helping the common good?
  • Are you an example of a business that is helping turn the community around?
  • Are you lending a helping hand?
  • Are you leading others to make the community better?
  • Do you have a new process that could change the way business is done?
  • Are you providing jobs and extra benefits not seen in the community?
  • Are you innovative, or changing the way things happen for the better?
  • Did you just get a big new deal that will mean new jobs or new opportunities for employees and contractors?
  • Are you going global? What does it mean?

An artful media relations agency will fit your message inside other stories. And by giving of yourself and being authentic oftentimes you end up with stories about just your company.

But if you automatically only think about your company and only count your success and not everyone’s success, you may be left a little bit short on the PR wish.

Yes, there are exceptions. But being humble, being authentic and having something real to say is the pathway to great PR. It’s that simple.

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