5 social media trends you can try right now

5 social media trends you can try right now

You (and your business) are likely on social media. Maybe you have been for a while, and you’ve got a nice rhythm of posting and engaging with customers and fans.

But in the world of digital marketing, nothing stays the same for long. And it’s important to stay on top of new trends and developments in the world of social media. Are you using of the best practices on social media in 2021?

Successfully incorporating social media in marketing strategies right now means prioritizing consumer engagement and building your brand’s community. To keep your content fresh and relevant, we’ve compiled five of the best practices for social media that you should be using in 2021.

Take carousel posts for a spin A recent report from Mention and HubSpot found that carousels (sharing multiple pictures in one post) have overtaken both single image and video updates as the most engaging type of post on Instagram. Diversify your content by using carousels to showcase a variety of products relevant to your caption, to tell a story through photographs or to display information similarly to the way you’d use a slideshow.

Treat stories as valuable content — With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all having introduced their own version of “stories”, engaging with your audience via this content style is becoming more and more important. More than 500 million users interact with Instagram Stories every day, so posting regularly can help you engage sections of your audience you might not reach otherwise. Videos perform better than photos, and you can use features like polls, Q&As and quizzes to encourage your followers to interact directly with your brand.

Engage your audience via live streaming — Thanks to the increased number of people staying home last year, live streaming has been having a big moment in the social media world, being seen as both authentic and “in-the-moment.” On Facebook, live viewings spiked by 50 percent during lockdown periods, while viewings on Instagram surged 70 percent, and brands have gotten in on that action. Streaming Q&As, tutorials and feeds from live events can all help your audience feel more personally connected with your content.

Share short and sweet video content — Along with stories, the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels make it clear that “bite-sized” content is in high demand. Shortening attention spans, busy schedules and our love of endless scrolling make short-form videos (about a minute or less) ideal for engaging followers. Animated infographics, behind-the-scenes peeks or quick informational videos allow your audience to get value from your post without spending too much time looking at it.

Emphasize authenticity — According to Sprout Social’s 2021 trends rundown, transparency and authenticity are the top two factors that make a brand’s social best in class. Go beyond your product or service to show the human side of your brand. Does your brand give back to the community? Is there a heartfelt or inspirational story behind your founding? Sharing authentic content is the best way to build consumer trust and loyalty. But beware trying to “fake it til you make it”; today’s social media users can smell insincerity a mile away, and if you end up branding yourself as untrustworthy or “shady,” it can be incredibly difficult to bounce back.

A strong social media marketing manager or social media agency will stay on top of developing trends and use them to their fullest potential to generate content that builds your audience and your brand identity. If you’re looking for an Orlando social media marketing team to help you grow your brand’s online presence, Wellons Communications has your back. Give Will a call at 407-462-2718 or email him at will@wellonscommunications.com and see how our Orlando PR firm can build you a winning strategy.