What does your online presence say about you?

Think about the last time you took a close look at your business’ website – a really close look.

Is all the information on the site accurate? Is it relevant? Is it easily understandable? Is it populated with outdated information? Is there relevant information missing?

Your website is, of course, a key element in your marketing presence. And while it’s exciting to get it up and running, once the novelty has worn off, what your website says is often overlooked in the rush to move on to other marketing challenges.

Your website is only the start of your digital marketing presence

What your website says (or fails to say) has the potential to tarnish your hard-earned reputation. While your website is easily the most visible of your online marketing initiatives, it’s only one of tools you have in your online marketing kit.

All your online marketing initiatives deserve the same kind of careful attention as your website. Social media, email, text and content information and presence are all a part of the package that comprises how others view you and your organization in the digital world.

Here’s a to-do list for reviewing your digital communications

  • Read the content copy that appears on your website and your related internet-related communications. Is the information accurate? Is the information current?
  • Get rid of outdated information. Is your website weighed down with years-old information that is no longer relevant?
  • Get to the point. Does your content immediately project what you want to say? Is there too much explanation?
  • Do the graphics on your website immediately visualize what you do or what you want to project? Do photos and graphics need to be updated or changed?
  • Does your site clearly instruct your customer how to contact you? Is the contact information correct? Is it easy for your customer—or potential customer—to get in touch with your organization?
  • Is the site organized so that your customers can find what they are looking for? Do they have to flail away trying to figure out what you do and how to connect with whatever information they are seeking about you?

Here’s how Wellons Communications can help you with digital marketing

First, we offer you a new set of eyes to look at your website and provide a clear-eyed analysis of what we see…and what we don’t see.

Chances are, you’ve looked at your website so often that you may not recognize the presence of “red flags” that might be detrimental to the information you want to present.

On the positive side, you may be suffering from what advertising people call “client fatigue” – meaning that you may be weary of what you’ve been presenting, only to find out that your marketing messages are on target and effectively getting through to your target audiences.

Our journalistic backgrounds, combined with our marketing know-how, can provide you with a knowledgeable third-party summation that’ll let you know what changes may (or may not) be necessary.

We’re not in the business of recommending total communications overhauls simply to generate new business. We recognize and applaud jobs that are well done. At the same time, we’re not afraid to offer constructive criticism if, in fact, it’s required.

Find out more about how we can help you with the communications and content side of your digital public relations and marketing needs.  We’re only a text or email away and ready to lend a hand to help you update and strengthen how to incorporate public relations into your overall digital marketing initiatives.

If you’re looking for an Orlando marketing agency, call 407-462-2718 or email us at will@wellonscommunications.com.