What do your customers really think of you?

What do your customers really think of you?

Everyone wants to know what others think of them—and when they find out, they want the perception to be positive.

But how much time and effort do you put in to finding out how your customers know about and perceive you? How often do you ask yourself, “How much do I understand about the needs of my client and how do I address or solve that need?”

Do you make the time for your customers?

Marketing revolves around two parties: you and your customers.

Marketing your product or service will succeed only if your customer has a need for what you sell and understands how it meets their need.

That sounds simple enough, but as business quickens, it’s easy to find yourself spending all of your time addressing planning, production, organization, marketing, distributing, personnel management and other key business operating issues.

So, who gets left out? Often, it is your customer. Who is really talking to them or listening to what they have to say?

Your client is always number one

Meeting the needs of your customer is why you exist in business. If they succeed, you succeed…and grow.

Your customer is always the best source for feedback.

But how much do you know about your customer? Do you actively seek feedback? And what does that feedback say?

Central to everything is the satisfaction and well-being of your customer. They are, indeed, number one and should be treated accordingly.

Personal interaction is a must

If your customer is an individual, building that relationship can be as low-tech as a phone call once a month. It can be built by asking “How is your business doing?” or “What can we do differently that will help add to your business?”

Your client relationship can be enhanced by providing the customer with new and different information. If you recognize a trend that is an opportunity, let your client know. If you see a competitor doing something differently, be the first to tell your client.

The point? Interact with your client. Interact with them frequently. Encourage customers to make time to spend with you. Ask them questions. Listen for what’s important to them.

Seek feedback on a broader basis

Is your client plugged in to what their audience says about them? What are they saying? Are sales going up or down? What’s working? What’s not working?

Conducting research like this is essential in marketing, and it’s essential to share this information with your key marketing resources, like advertising and PR agencies. It is extremely valuable, and with it, you can drive sales to heights you never imagined.

We truly value our clients…and let them know it

At Wellons Communications, our clients are, indeed, why our business succeeds and grows. We value each and every one of them. We stay in close touch with them on the phone, in person, online, and in the actions we take on their behalf.

We want our clients to perceive us as a member of their staff—and not just any member, but a highly productive and valued staffer who is instrumental in their success and growth.

After all, our clients are the sole reason why we are in business.

Find out more about how we treat our clients and how we can help you further your overall marketing efforts with effective, results-oriented public relations and publicity programs. I’m available to help you improve the perception of your business at 407-339-0879 or at will@wellonscommunications.com.