The power of storytelling in businesses

The power of storytelling in businesses

One of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal is also one of the simplest to develop and put to work for you.

It’s storytelling—the art of sharing your story and explaining how your business or service helps customers.

It works in just about every situation, and despite the fear you may have of writer’s block or your notion that “I can’t write,” it’s actually surprisingly easy.

That said, not everyone has the inclination or ability to write their story. Most often, the challenge for business owners is simply finding the time necessary to sit down in front of a screen and keyboard (or a sheet of paper for old-school writers) and compose their story.

That’s where folks like us—Wellons Communications—enter the scene.

Who cares about your story?

Actually, nobody. That is, until you give them a reason to care about your story.

At Wellons Communications, we craft narratives that connect your story to the needs of those who can use your services.

We start with your customer. What is it they need? Your customer comes first because your story is really all about them.

Once the needs of your customer are identified, your story ends with explaining how your service fulfills that need or solves their problem. Your service provides a means to their end.

So how does Wellons Communications construct stories?

Every story has three basic elements: a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The need of your customer is the beginning. It is essential that you are able to explain the problem your customer is facing and why it even matters in the first place.

We build the story by sharing how you recognize your customer’s need or want and how you went about addressing your customer’s challenge. 

And, in the end, we provide a happy ending…confirming that your customer’s need was solved.

But, unlike a fairy tale, we also remind readers that some problems need to be addressed all the time (like competitive pressures, introduction of competitive services, changes in technology). In short, your service can solve customer’s problem or, better yet, can stand by the customer’s side to continue fulfilling their need.

Our storytelling formula borrows from the best

At Wellons Communications, we don’t claim to have invented storytelling. But we do pay attention and learn from those who share their stories in the most effective and compelling fashion.

One of the most powerful storytellers in today’s culture is Pixar, whose cinematic storytelling achievements have earned them considerable earnings, as well as worldwide recognition and respect.

Pixar’s storytelling technique follows a very simple formula. It goes:

Once upon a time there was [blank]. Every day, [blank]. One day [blank]. Because of that, [blank]. Until finally, [blank].

Here’s an example of how our storytelling works

Once upon a time, there was a small group of coffee sellers.

Every day, they sold their coffee to customers who really liked their coffee.

One day, they noticed their customers not only liked their coffee, they wanted more ways to buy their coffee.  

Because of that, the coffee sellers decided to make their coffee more available by expanding their store locations and selling coffee by the pound to their customers.

Until finally, their sales grew to the point where the coffee sellers could become a profitable and regional coffee brand.

Let us tell your story—and help your sales and earnings grow

Everyone has a story to tell.  Our job is to help our customers clearly identify the story they have to tell, craft that story on their behalf, and figure out the most effective means of sharing that story with current and potential customers.

Our storytelling technique is not quite as easy as the Pixar illustration cited above, but it borrows heavily from successful techniques in totally unrelated industries and puts them to work for our clients.

We can apply same storytelling techniques to your product or service.

Find out more about how we can make your story come to life for your customers. Call or email Will Wellons at 407-462-2718 or and find out more about how your story can be told.