PR can be an affordable weapon in your Digital Marketing plan

PR can be an affordable weapon in your Digital Marketing plan

At Wellons Communications, we embrace the notion that we now live in the Digital Age of marketing.

That’s because the amount of time Americans now spend daily on the Internet continues to grow and has become a cornerstone of how people obtain information.

How much time are folks on the Internet?

The average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes every day on social media.

And how do they spend their time on the Internet?

According to data released just this month (January 2024) by Exploding Topics, the two primary reasons folks use the Internet is for social interaction, followed by filling spare time.

Now, take a closer look at the third reason: reading news stories. And that’s where public relations…and Wellons Communications…enters the picture.

We market information that helps websites attract and hold readers

At Wellons Communications, we embrace the notion that online resources have a never-ending need for content.

Information is the fuel that drives websites. That means that websites must continually serve up information that will keep their readers and attract new readers.

And it’s our job to create new and different information that websites can use in their never-ending battle to retain their audience and attract new readers.

What kind of information do we market to informational websites?

Press information. Reports. Studies. Graphs. Visuals. Videos.

All of these are the kind of content that websites seek to serve up to readers and underscore their authority. And these are the kinds of tools we create for our clients and serve up to websites to satisfy their hunger for information.

How do we attract the attention of website editors?

We employ two strategic approaches to reach website editors: frequency, to keep our client’s name in front of website editors and utilization of the word “new,” which immediately attracts the attention of website editors.

By issuing information frequently, we accomplish two important objectives for our clients:

  1. Frequency increases the likelihood of our client’s information being used.
  2. Website editorial teams recognize our clients as an authoritative source of information.

“New” serves as a powerful call to action for website editors to look at our information. No editor is after information that is old or dated. New and different is always what they are after.

Call on Wellons Communications to create a digital PR program for you.

Including digital PR as a part of your overall marketing approach is becoming a must component in marketing your business.

Digital PR is an affordable means of reaching your audience and generating recognition and putting your business front of mind and at the fingertips of your customers and would-be clients.

When you boil it down, what we do at Wellons Communications is create information and distribute it to sites that want and need it. And, in keeping with how marketing has changed, we increasingly do it via affordable digital publicity and public relations programs.

So, with the 2024 business year now in full swing, contact us at 407-339-0879 or email us at and learn more about how you can augment this year’s marketing program with a robust digital PR component.