How to employ creative marketing strategies for business success

How to employ creative marketing strategies for business success

By definition, creativity is seeing things differently.

In public relations, creativity centers around the ability to transcend traditional ideas and come up with interpretations, rules and alternative ways of doing things. Often a marketing problem—be it dealing with a stubborn sales challenge or figuring out how to freshen up a tired message—requires an alternative approach. And coming up with that alternative approach requires creativity.

Do the basics…and then add some creative

At Wellons Communications, the majority of our approaches employ disciplined, tried-and-true methodologies to address client marketing challenges.

Calling on standardized, proven strategic and tactical approaches effectively resolves the majority of client needs.

Two examples of successful standardization include repetition of a successful theme line or headline in all communications so your key audiences hear your message with clarity and consistency and issuing news about your organization on a consistent basis, always keeping your name in front of key media audiences.

The bedrock of our marketing agency approach centers around doing the basics well…and then dressing them up in a creative manner.

The three key elements of creative thinking

In one of the many motion pictures in which actors Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland appeared, there was a memorable scene in which the pair of actors was faced with a problem. They both ruminated for a moment and Rooney then raised his finger high and proclaimed “I know! Let’s have a show.”

For many, the notion of creativity is exactly that. “Let’s have a show!”

The reality is considerably different. Coming up with creative solutions is a disciplined exercise that requires a combination of control and a willingness to listen and consider the ideas of others, no matter how strange they may seem.

At our Orlando marketing agency, we develop creative approaches using three benchmarks:

  1. Unconventionality: Is the approach totally different? Can it be a different approach using a tried-and-true method?
  2. Autonomy: Is anyone currently doing what we are thinking about doing? Will we be the only ones in our product or service category with our creative approach or message?
  3. Risk: How much or how little risk is involved if we change what we are doing?

How we organize and manage these determines the extent to which our creativity is stimulated or stifled.

Look at things differently. Be open to new ideas.

In the 1980s, Roger von Oech, a successful toymaker and popular conference speaker, published The Innovative Whack Pack, an effective creative tool that lists 60 creative strategies to provide and inspire creative thinking von Oech’s approach centered around stimulating creative thinking around ideas like “Slay a Sacred Cow” (i.e. putting aside, for a moment, ideas considered sacrosanct), “Change the Direction” (e.g. Is a 12-year-old female an old child or a young woman), and “Let Nature Be Your Guide” (Imagine you are a plant, an animal or an insect. How would you go about solving your problem?).

Using an outside prod (like the Whack Pack) may, in fact, serve as the trigger for someone on your team to come up with a totally new, different and successful creative approach.

Wellons Communications is your creative Orlando PR firm

Our clients depend on us to help them engage with their audiences and stand out from the crowd. We continue to do our lateral thinking homework even when we’re not working on a specific assignment. It’s part of our job assignment.

If you are in dire need for different marketing thinking or simply in need of freshening what are you currently doing, keep Wellons Communication in mind. We’ll sit down with you, listen to what you want to accomplish…and respond with some fresh, new ideas that will combine creativity with conventional marketing.

The end result? A stronger connection with your clients and wannabe clientele.

Call Will at 407-462-2718 and let’s set up a creative get-together.