3 ways to help your audience understand your marketing message

3 ways to help your audience understand your marketing message

Sometimes it seems like the pace at which the Internet has revolutionized marketing and communications is overwhelming.

The sheer volume of communications that float across your computer screen, along with all the outside communications you see every day, is far more than one person can absorb.

The enormous volume of communications places a premium on three important elements critical to your audience’s understanding of what you do and how well you do it: clarity, frequency and consistency of communication.

Clarity cuts through the clutter

It’s easy to become caught up in throwing out trendy lingo and technical language when communicating with potential clientele and your current customers.

The health care, insurance and technology industries provide three vivid examples of using language and phrases very few—even their customers—can understand.

While it is important to stay current, it is even more important to be understood. And that likely means using old-school communications that underscore a communications basis: keep it simple.

A December 2023 issue by the Content Marketing Institute’s Ahava Leibtag showcases the value and importance of clarity and simplicity in communications. Her study makes a great case for using clear, concise communication that first-time readers can understand without breaking a mental sweat. It’s worth a glance.

Use the Rule of Seven

Think about how many TV ads, news reports, magazine articles and online communications you receive every day. The amount of information to which you are exposed is staggering. There is no way you can remember all of it.

That’s where frequency comes in.

An old marketing adage is The Rule of Seven. In short, it means that you must reach your target audience with seven impressions before they start to pay meaningful attention to what you are saying. It is a rule frequently employed in advertising.

At Wellons Communications, however, we subscribe to the notion that there is a more affordable way to achieving those seven impressions. We adhere to the idea that advertising, augmented by an effective publicity program, can both speed up achievement of The Rule of Seven while costing you less.

By publicizing who you are and what you are doing, you can accelerate your frequency of communications at considerably less cost.

Say the same thing. Over and over and over.

We’ve established that you must keep your message simple. People must understand what you are saying.

And we have established that you must frequently project your message to cut through the volume of communications that exists today.

Our third tenet is to keep your message consistent. While you may become weary and experience “client fatigue” in the repetition of what you say about your business, keep in mind that what you are saying may be the first—or seventh—time your audience is being exposed to your message.

Suzanne McGovern, one of our staff members at Wellons Communications, effectively used consistency as part of the publicity team that prefaced the opening of Walt Disney World. Suzanne’s credo was “tell ’em what you are gonna tell ’em….and tell ’em again and again and again.” The publicity results of her approach remain one of the benchmarks for success in the public relations industry.

Our message: use Wellons to augment your marketing

As 2024 ramps us and you seek new and better—and more affordable—ways to add strength to your marketing program, keep Wellons Communications in mind.

We’re good at creating new, simple PR programs that will not weigh down your budget, while delivering substantial results.

And we promise to keep you message clear and understandable, put it out there on a frequent basis and keep it consistent throughout.