Feeling overwhelmed about the onset of Artificial Intelligence?

Feeling overwhelmed about the onset of Artificial Intelligence?

The flavor of the moment in virtually all aspects of business, not just marketing, is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There is not a day that goes by that you hear pundits speculating about the pros and cons of AI. Will AI take over original business planning? Will AI begin to overtake what has previously been done by humans? How will AI interact with how one operates a business?

The information about AI is coming at us hard and fast. New nomenclature. ChatGPT.

If you have the feeling all of the fuss about AI is a bit overwhelming, you have plenty of company.

The truth is that we are all suffering from an AI information overload.

Where can you go to get better acquainted with AI basics?

There’s more information on the Internet than you have time or interest to bone up on Artificial Intelligence.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of sites you might want to visit to become better acquainted with AI and get a better sense of how – or if – you may need to incorporate AI into your business operation in some fashion.

The sources we recommend are disparate and unusual. They range from a corporate law firm in South Africa and a California-based company that specializes in online data training for companies to the respected Wharton School of Business.

These sites will not unlock secrets about how you can use AI for your clients, but they are a solid first step in getting a better understanding of AI, its operation language, and how to proceed with using AI.

The best about these sites is that they define AI in terms we can all understand. 

Here’s the list.

AI information overload: A guide to staying informed without getting overwhelmed:

What is AI? A Quick-Start Guide For Beginners.

ABCs of AI: Here’s how artificial intelligence works 

How Do Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence? 

So how can we help you incorporate AI into your marketing and PR?

The best use of AI we have discovered is its ability to enhance efficiency and allow us to mechanize some of the basis activities we use to distribute and categorize information.

In simple terms, we can use AI for distribution of press information, better identify potential users of information about your business, and more quickly research business trends that our clients can capitalize upon.

The truth be known, we are all moving into unknown territory with AI, but it’s territory that will increasingly become a part of business operations.

At Wellons Communication, while we are not throwing our arms around AI and proclaiming, “This is how marketing and PR will be totally conducted in the future,” but we recognize and acknowledge that it is a tool that will be useful—when and if it is needed.

When you are ready to explore how you can use AI in your marketing programs, think about our team at Wellons Communications. We would enjoy being at your side and helping you with your first forays into the world of Artificial Intelligence.