Does your agency do that? The service you need to take advantage of

Does your agency do that? The service you need to take advantage of

When your agency crafts a social media strategy that gives you a great ROI, it’s amazing. When they knock it out of the park with a huge media hit, it’s impressive. When they execute on an email campaign that boosts the bottom line, you’re thrilled.

All of that is great (and we hope that’s happening for you). But if your agency partner is not an expert in one key area, chances are, you’re underutilizing your resources—and none of the above outcomes will be possible.

What is it?

It’s content.

More often than not, potential clients come to us requesting help with social media or wanting a press release written and distributed to the media. We do both, but the reason we’re able to do so successfully is because what we do best at Wellons Communications is craft content. And your agency should be able to say the same.

What is content?

Content is everywhere, from an organic post on Instagram to an SEO blog, a marketing email and even a white paper. It could be an internal communication, like a letter to your employees, customers or vendors, or a sales sheet, like a case study.

It could even be a non-written form, like a video or infographic.

To put it simply, content is how you tell your story, how you express your brand to your audience and the world. It is the lifeblood of everything your agency does.

What are the benefits of content?

When done right, content can help you achieve your marketing and PR goals. You can expand your reach with an SEO blog or a well-crafted digital ad.

You can cut through the clutter and grab your audience’s attention with an eye-catching email. Or you can communicate your point of difference clearly in success stories, sales sheets and white papers.

With content done right, you can gain customers, makes sales and position yourself as an industry leader.

Why should your agency lead content?

It’s true that content is incredibly important to businesses of all sizes. There’s a good reason many CEOs, CMOs and everyone in between try to hold on to content. They know their story, and they believe they can tell it better than anyone else.

With the wrong agency, that might be true. But the right agency should be a partner for your business. They should not only click with you right away, making you feel like they just “get” you from the start, but they should continue to hone that relationship, learning and circling in on the core of your message.

They should come to understand you like you understand yourself and be able to explain that across all sorts of platforms.

If they don’t, you’ll feel the limits of your relationship even in something as simple as a social media post or a press release.

But when your agency does have this level of understanding, having them hit on all levels of content is an amazing benefit—and one you should take advantage of.

For starters, your agency should be made up of professionals. You hire them to take in information, synthesize it, and determine the best way to share it. When you can use that storytelling ability across platforms, you’re firing on all cylinders of communication. Drawing on content, your agency can tell your company’s story as a united front, from a single tweet to a guest article in your favorite trade publication. And that’s incredibly powerful.

At Wellons Communications, we’re storytellers first. Our agency is made up of former journalists and PR pros, all of whom have been trained to listen, tease out the unique details of your story and tell it eloquently. We’re not limited by platform or length.

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