Florio Flourishes in NFL: Even though he never played a down

NY Giants

Want a great blog? Be sure and order a huge dose of passion.

The best blogs are passionate about their subject. And often they are relentless in their dedication to their subject matter.

Take Mike Florio. He was a lawyer from Bridgeport, West Virginia. He started a blog about the NFL, as a sidelight to his law business.

Today he is one of the most trusted bloggers about the NFL. He has Super Bowl credentials. He has a spot on national television.

Why? Because he is absolutely unyielding about his coverage of the NFL, all issues NFL, and all issues pro football.

His blog, ProFootballTalk.com, is a compendium of short articles from leading sources in the NFL.

Florio was interviewed recently in the Saturday New York Times. He told the Times “I’m always on duty. My wife tells me I work harder now than I did when I was practicing law full time and doing this on the side. But that’s the nature of it. It’s grown, it’s successful, we expand, and expectations are higher.”

Certainly expectations are higher. Mike Florio has signed a deal with NBC, and ProFootballTalk.com holds a prominent position on NBC’s sports web site. The unique visitors to the site were 2.9 million in October, tripling from the same month a year ago.

A spokesman for the NFL called Florio a must-read. Why? – Because he works tirelessly to get information and new content to his blog. He knows his blog and his business better than anyone.

What is the correlation for your business? Same thing.

Who knows your business better than you? Who can describe what is important better than you? Maybe you can’t work 24/7 on your blog, but your knowledge and your desire to succeed is what will make any business blog the best it can be.

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Celebrates Green Friday

Barnies logo 2008

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Celebrates Green Friday

Some retailers prepare for Black Friday by stocking their shelves and putting a little extra in the back room.
At Barnie’s Coffee & Tea this year they’ve prepared for Black Friday by opening a series of new stores in malls and lifestyle shopping centers across Central Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

Barnie’s Founder Phil Jones has shown an amazing commitment to Central Florida and to rebuilding the Barnie’s brand. He is definitely putting his money where his mouth is, with new stores in Altamonte Springs and new franchise operations in Orlando’s Fashion Square as well as well as Lakeland and Tampa.

The Barnie’s brand has brought holiday memories to many with its scrumptious Santa’s White Christmas. And we’re not just saying this because we occasionally put out a press release for Barnie’s.

We’ve been huge Barnie’s fans for more than 20 years and we are happy to see Phil succeed in his efforts to rebuild the brand and bring Barnie’s good taste to more people.

If you happen to be going to a Magic game, Barnie’s Coffee is now the exclusive coffee provider for the Orlando Arena — not only at Magic games, but for all special events and concerts, as well.

Best of luck to Phil as he moves forward into 2010.

As for this Friday?

Phil says: “It’s not Black Friday, it’s Green Friday. Because that’s the time retailers like Barnie’s Coffee & Tea.”

Would girls of Sex in the City tweet?


Sex in the City was a huge cultural phenomenon just a few years ago. I was awoken by the show this week when one of my kids left the TV on one night.

As I was watching Carrie and her savvy, city-wise girlfriends, it dawned on me that the show was created before Facebook and Twitter and Social Media.

You have to wonder how show writers would now incorporate those elements into storylines.

Instead of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte discussing Mr. Big over Cosmopolitans, would they now write about him on each other’s Walls?

Instead of leaving long messages on each other’s answering machines, surely now they’d be Tweeting like mad about every conquest or Manolo Blahnik sale.

It makes one pause. To think how much things have changed in just a few years.

Communication is faster and in different modes and people have to adjust.

Being online has certainly allowed us to reach out to folks farther than we ever could, and in ways we never dreamt possible.

But Sex in the City also reminds me that friendship is the stuff that truly sustains us, and that the finest communications are still those done face to face.