Would girls of Sex in the City tweet?


Sex in the City was a huge cultural phenomenon just a few years ago. I was awoken by the show this week when one of my kids left the TV on one night.

As I was watching Carrie and her savvy, city-wise girlfriends, it dawned on me that the show was created before Facebook and Twitter and Social Media.

You have to wonder how show writers would now incorporate those elements into storylines.

Instead of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte discussing Mr. Big over Cosmopolitans, would they now write about him on each other’s Walls?

Instead of leaving long messages on each other’s answering machines, surely now they’d be Tweeting like mad about every conquest or Manolo Blahnik sale.

It makes one pause. To think how much things have changed in just a few years.

Communication is faster and in different modes and people have to adjust.

Being online has certainly allowed us to reach out to folks farther than we ever could, and in ways we never dreamt possible.

But Sex in the City also reminds me that friendship is the stuff that truly sustains us, and that the finest communications are still those done face to face.