Travel stories in new Ripley's Believe It or Not! book, Enter If You Dare!

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Sometimes it’s the places we visit that inspire us—other times it’s the travelers.

Such worldwide adventurers and their unbelievable travels are chronicled in the new book from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, called Enter If You Dare! The book is an annual collection of unusual, unbelievable and amazing stories from around the world. 

Some of the bizarre and amazing travel stories include:

  • To conquer his phobia of flying, Mark Malkoff of New York spent an entire month on an airplane. Traveling up to 12 flights a day, he touched down at 38 U.S. airports, spent 267 hours in the air and covered a distance of 111,972 miles. P. 130
  • Eco-friendly Tom Fewins and Lara Lockwood traveled more than 44,000 miles around the world in 297 days – without once boarding an airplane. They made their way through 19 countries using boats, 6 bicycles, 2 mopeds and 1 elephant. They say they each generated less than 6,600 lb of carbon dioxide on their journey, one-third of the amount they would have generated if they would have traveled by airplane. P. 134
  • Ed Stafford is walking the length of the Amazon River (a distance that could span up to 6,000 miles). P. 46
  • Although paralyzed from the neck down, 37-year-old Hilary Lister sailed solo around the U.K.  – a distance of  1,500 miles. She operated the 20-ft racing yacht by blowing though
    straws connected to a computer. P. 129
  • Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel founded the Florida-based Pet Airways, an airline service that caters solely to pets. No owners allowed – not even in the cargo hold. P. 127
  • Flight Rap: U.S. flight attendant David Holmes got so bored with reading out the safety instructions that he raps them. P. 130

Please let me know if you would like to pursue any stories in the book or a story on the book itself.  Images are available, as well as interviews with people from Ripley’s or people featured in the book.  

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