Taking Risks


I keep reading stories about Oprah Winfrey taking a risk because she’s starting her own cable network.  In the back of my head I can’t help but say, “Come on!”  When you’re worth billions of dollars it doesn’t meet my definition of taking a risk.  Yes, there is a risk involved in launching your own cable network and stepping away from your record breaking talk show you’ve had for 25 years.

However, taking a risk as a small business person trying to make the right marketing decision will make the difference between whether the business wins or loses, whether their family gets food, and whether their employees can survive in a difficult time.  I want to wish Oprah Winfrey all the best in her risk but my biggest concern is helping people who are actually taking bona fide risks, who have something to lose and something to gain.  Their livelihood is truly at stake.  Whether Oprah Winfrey’s cable network works or not I doubt her lifestyle will change dramatically.  Whether a good entrepreneur’s investment wins or loses is a totally different matter.

At Wellons Communications, we work to develop communications, public relations and social media plans for people who do take risks and want to see real return on their investment.  We understand what’s at stake.