Social media makeovers - are you ready for one?

Estee Lauder announced today that it is gearing up a social media program where it will give away free makeovers and photographic shoots at its department stores across the country starting on October 16th.

Kudos to Esteee Lauder for this PR makeover.

They understand that when pushing their product it’s not about Estee Lauder, it’s about the people they are trying to reach. Those people all have egos, they all want makeovers, they all like to see themselves in photos.
This new promotion will be interesting to watch because it combines the needs of the customer well ahead of the needs of Estee Lauder.
Estee Lauder is famous for giving away free cosmetic bags and other little trinkets that almost every girl or woman has somewhere in their closet. It will be interesting to see if this new social media program designed to provide more push on things like Facebook will get them better sales.

The key point for any company to remember; it’s not about you, it’s about your customers. For that, Estee Lauder deserves congratulations.