Netflix #fails with fans

Netflix was instrumental in changing the movie rental process. The old corner video store was out – DVD delivery by mail and instant online streaming was in. However, in the midst of backlash against a recent price hike, Netflix has ignored changing methods of communication, putting consumers in a permanent queue.

Netflix logoAfter announcing a 60 percent price increase to consumers via a company blog, Netflix has since remained stunningly silent on the issue. But Netflix users have grown loud, blasting Facebook and Twitter with angry rants directed at the company. According to CNET, pages have since formed with titles like, “Cancel Netflix” and “I used to love Netflix until they decided to rip me off.” Angry tweets announcing subscription cancellations are trending on twitter. Thousands of comments have been posted to the company’s blog. Netflix has not responded to a single complaint.

As communications professionals, we should be just that: communicators. In the midst of consumer disappointment, don’t ignore the power of social media. Embrace it as a source for immediate interaction with customers. The simplest response could make all the difference, allowing you to retain customers despite upheaval.