Mysteries of Cannibal Pygmies and the Brigantine Mary Celeste Featured on Dec. 15 Episode of Ripley Radio-An On-Demand Oddcast

Author Anna Maria Prezio explains that by decorating your home according to various Feng Shui methods, you will be able to keep ghosts away; UK author and educator Lionel Fanthorpe recalls the most significant mysteries he has ever researched, including the myth of the brigantine Mary Celeste that was found floating in the middle of the ocean with no one aboard; and Robert Damon Schneck reports how  aliens are using Bigfoot creatures on earth to mine for gold that will be used to power weapons in their fight in a major inner-galactic battle that is taking place. Schneck also talks about his research on the cannibal pygmies of Wyoming.

Ripley Radio – an On-Demand Oddcast

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Meet Ripley Radio’s Ensemble:

  • Tim O’Brien, executive producer
    Vice President, Communications, Ripley Entertainment Inc.
  • “Ralf with an F” (Ralf Ingwersen)
    Director of Ghost Tours
    Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, St. Augustine, Fla.
  • Edward Meyer
    Vice President, Exhibits and Archives, Ripley Entertainment Inc.
  • Marci Pikel
    Manager of Marketing & Production Services, Ripley Entertainment Inc.

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