Modern-day Public Relations: Social vs. Traditional Media

Pew Examines how blogs and social media agendas relate and differ from traditional press
Pew examines how blogs and social media agendas relate and differ from traditional press

Public relations isn’t just about getting in the local newspaper these days. The new mantra, for some, seems to have become “Extra. Extra. Read all about it (on Twitter).”

While traditional media should never be disregarded, it is important for your PR team to take a broad approach and deliver your message, brand or service to as many eyeballs as possible.

Step one in this process: understand the different types of stories/messages that social and traditional media gravitate toward.

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, new media (blogs, Twitter, YouTube) and traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV) focus on different issues most of the time. Blogs, for instance, led with the same story as traditional media in only 13 weeks (of a 49-week period).

Social media site Mashable noted that the study underlines a large disconnect between what mainstream media thinks is “top news” and what social media users consider newsworthy.

Still, traditional media remains important. While the leading stories differed most of the time, 80 percent of blog stories still come from just four legacy networks or newspapers: the BBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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