Howard County Public Schools select eSchool Solutions to Manage Professional Learning for Teachers and Staff

Electronic Registrar Online offers professional development management – entirely online – to the district’s 4,600 teachers

Howard County, MD. (Dec. 15, 2010) – Howard County public schools have selected Orlando-based eSchool Solutions® to assist the area’s 4,600 educators in managing professional learning activities—and it’s done entirely online.

Beginning in January 2011, Howard County public schools will implement eSchool Solutions’ Electronic Registrar Online (ERO) software and services. ERO is a customized web application that schools and teachers can use to track required ongoing learning – as well as create professional learning plans.

The reporting tool in Electronic Registrar Online also makes it simple for districts to extract staff development data to meet local, state and federal reporting requirements. In addition, ERO can also highlight the coaching features that allow mentors to review their teacher’s plans and offer feedback through the system.

With ERO, busy teachers can log in anywhere to register for learning activities, review and update their professional growth plans, and access their transcripts.

“Electronic Registrar Online is a timesaver. From the district with its many reporting needs, to the teachers and their professional mentors – everyone can work quicker and smarter,” said Lisa Welton, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for eSchool Solutions. “This program makes it efficient for the teachers and cost-effective for the Howard County school district.”

To learn more about the company, visit or call 800-776-8774.

About eSchool Solutions®

eSchool Solutions® is the leading provider of integrated technology solutions for the preK-12 education market. In 1987, the Orlando-based company revolutionized substitute management for school systems, completely changing the way districts managed substitutes and employee absences. Now, as a total solutions provider, eSchool Solutions provides a full suite of products and services designed to improve administrative efficiency and help school districts work smarter. The company serves more than 500 school systems, encompassing 29,000 schools in North America.

Posted by Wellons Communications, an Orlando public relations firm.