3 apps to make your life easier

Isn’t it great when you discover something that makes your life infinitely easier? We think so.

Here are three apps that will make you say, “How did I now know about this?!”

1. CardMunch – This iPhone app makes piles of business cards a thing of the past. Snap a picture of the card, and the information will automatically load into a portable Rolodex  The app also finds the individual on Linkedin, helping to grow your virtual network. Android users should checkout Hello by Evernote.

2. Aviary– Want to edit photos, but not ready to publish them on Instagram? Aviary brings creativity to the common photographer with its simple photo editing app for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

3. Google Drive – Google’s online document storage program allows users to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere and on almost every device. Plus, users can collaborate and edit files together through the chat function. Our favorite part – it saves automatically!