Morgan & Camila - Check In Table 2Wellons Communications offers spring, summer and fall internships to those interested in joining our team of media relations, social media and marketing professionals. Candidates should be hard-working, motivated individuals with an insatiable curiosity for the public relations industry. Interns can expect to be part of a teaching environment that fosters communication skills you can carry beyond our doors and out into the job field. If interested, please send your resume, cover letter and any samples to


Don’t take our word for it – check out what past interns have said about our program:

“Choosing Wellons Communications as my first internship was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. The amount of information I learned from them was invaluable, and the account coordinators I worked with always made it a fun environment to work in. My time at Wellons has made me more confident in my skills and a stronger candidate for potential employers. I will always appreciate how they were so approachable, patient and understanding with me.”

–  Felipe Florez, Spring 2015


“From the bottom of my heart I have to say that Wellons Communications has been one of the most gratifying opportunities that I have had the chance to be a part of.  As a student going into the PR field and only knowing so much, Wellons Communications trusted me to be a part of their team and taught me almost everything I now know. This opened up a world full of knowledge and important skills that made me more competitive within the field. I learned how to manage social media accounts, how to pitch and mock up stories, I learned to transcribe, to write for SEO, use multiple platforms, further my personal skills with clients and a lot more . I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment as an intern and will forever be grateful for the amount of patience each member of the team had with me. I felt valued as a person and fell more in love with the PR field.”

–  Camila Reyes, Spring 2015


“As a Wellons Communications intern I quickly learned what it was like to work within the Public Relations industry. I gained valuable media relations, social media and client communication experience that helped me prepare to be successful in my career. I am continually learning and growing with the company in my new position as an Account Coordinator.”

–  Ashleigh Ostermann, Spring 2013


“My internship at Wellons Communications was the perfect stepping stone from college life into career mode. You get to see how a real PR agency operates on a daily basis and get hands-on experience that you could never receive in a classroom. They teach you the basic tools of PR that will be applicable anywhere you go. The staff is welcoming, patient and makes you feel like an integral part of the team. I am much more confident now to go out into the job force and know that I have the skills and experience companies are looking for.”

–  Anna Norris, Spring 2012

“Coming into my internship at Wellons Communications, I had no real-world experience with PR or Marketing. After completing two consecutive semesters at Wellons, I now have experience in writing press releases, pitching media from all over the country, writing SEO, managing social media accounts and so much more. I have always thought of myself as a writer, but it wasn’t until I started at Wellons that I really learned how to target my writing to my audience and hit home with the message I’m sending. My time at Wellons has helped me on my way to becoming a PR/Marketing professional, and I am leaving my internship with skills and knowledge any employer would deem extremely valuable.”

–  Andrea Bowes, Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me this semester. I truly appreciate the hospitality you have shown me in the office. I have felt welcome and part of the team since I have been here. I have learned more valuable lessons from being in the office than school has taught me so far. For my first internship, it has been a great experience overall. You are both experts at what you do and have a great system of getting things done. Thank you for everything you have offered to teach me. Again, I really appreciate all you have done and am happy to have been part of the Wellons team.”

–  Ashley Forehand, Spring 2010

“Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you this summer. I have learned more here than I have in my PR classes. I admire your patience when it came to teaching me how to use new programs and tools. The skills I learned this summer have helped me build a great foundation for future internships and jobs. I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience. You are all awesome!”

–  Alex King, Summer 2010